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Canal Street

"Today we invite you to come join a community of believers that choose to live life with an uncompromising devotion to making a difference. Our TEAM is very diverse and colorful band of trail blazers and trend-setters. We aren't following a map but rather creating a destination. As messengers of hope we boldly infiltrate the fabric of culture, commerce and nations. Our crusade as marketplace missionaries is to touch as many lives as possible through film, literature and music.

Maybe you feel like you have been judged guilty for a crime you didn't commit. Or like the cares of this world has left you broken, but we are here to remind you that God takes broken pieces and makes masterpieces. We are asking you to come out of hiding and take center stage with us in this movement. It's time you discover and develop all that has deposited in your life and go unleash your full potential. In a world where the climate seems to be fueled by hate or anger, we raise our standards and commit to a lifetime of positive contribution through love. When you watch "Canal Street" we pray that it becomes a visual tour guide that launches you on an in depth emotional and spiritual journey. May this story convict and inspire you to take every action necessary to make the world a better place."

- Kevin Mullens, Executive Producer, Canal Street

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